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Alison Stille
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Alison Stille

Company: Waldfang
Title: Co-founder and CEO
Fields of operation: Life & Health

Alison Stille is the co-founder and CEO of waldfang. She was born in Munich as the daughter of an Irish mother and German father. After finishing her master’s degree in biotechnology at Imperial College London, Alison obtained a master´s degree in management at the Technical University of Munich, while at the same time working in an advertising agency. She set up waldfang with her co-founders in 2017. The award-winning startup is developing a unique and innovative meat substitute based on a rare tree mushroom. It is fully funded through a startup grant issued by the German government and won third prize at the Technical University’s “IdeAward” in 2018. Additionally, it recently obtained a spot in the internationally renowned EIT Food Accelerator Network. Alison works as waldfang´s project manager, secures funding, and leads its design and marketing team.