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Alvaro Delgado-Aparicio
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Alvaro Delgado-Aparicio

Company: BRECA
Title: Chief Innovation Officer
Location: Peru
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Investor

Alvaro Delgado Aparicio is an Organizational Psychologist, Innovation facilitator, an award winner Scriptwriter and Film Director. He has 20 years of expertise in managing talent diversity, organizational development and in the creation of methodologies that enhance and facilitate creative and innovation processes within organizations through human-centered design thinking frameworks. He is the Chief Innovation Officer for Grupo Breca, the largest private investor group in Peru and present across Latin America. Founded 130 years ago, it has a diversified portofolio of operating companies in sectors including, insurance, healthcare, real estate, hotels, mining, fishing, painting and cement. In 2017, Alvaro co-founded BREIN, the Group´s Innovation Hub that untaps and develops innovation potential within Breca´s operating companies by breaking paradigms and transforming opportunities into impact through its five main centers and Labs: Human Centered Design Lab, Tech & Digital Lab, Centre for Advanced Analytics, BREIN´s Startup Playground, and BREIN Academy.

In 2014, Alvaro was awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship of Innovation, chaired by Collin Powell, focusing on designing internal reality show platforms in large organizations to inspire and facilitate participants in gaining creative confidence and creative courage. Alvaro´s main hobby is writing and directing short and feature films. In 2013, his short film "The Companion" premiered at the Sundance film festival and became a Grand Jury prize finalist. His short films have been in official selection in more than 80 film festivals around the world, winning many awards. In 2016, he took a "Gap year" to direct and film his latest screenplay "Retablo" which was developed at the Sundance Lab Feature Film Program, chaired by Robert Redford. In 2018, Retablo had its world premiere at the Berlinale, winning the Jury Special Prize and the Teddy award for Best First Feature Film. Since then, Retablo has been nominated in more than 70 International Film Festivals, winning Best Film and Best First Feature in more than 20 countries. Recently, he has been nominated as Best Director in diverse international Film Festivals. Alvaro holds a BSc in Economics and Management Studies and an MSc in Organizational Psychology at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He has an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Sloan Fellowship in Innovation and Global Leadership at the same university.