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Amnon Sofrin
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Amnon Sofrin

Company: IAI
Title: Managing Intelligence & Homeland Security Projects

BG. (Ret.) Amnon Sofrin has served in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) from 1973 to 2003.
His last assignment with the IDF has been Chief Combat Intelligence Corps, which he established and commanded for 3.5 years and retired as a Brigadier General.
After retiring from the IDF BG. Sofrin was assigned to a senior position within Israel's Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS), until 2008.
Brig. General Amnon Sofrin has a BA in Political Science from Tel Aviv University and a MA in Political Science & Security Studies at Haifa University (1993). He is working on his PhD thesis at Haifa University.
Brig. General Sofrin is currently working with Israel Aerospace Industries / Elta Systems and managing Intelligence & Homeland Security Projects.