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Andrey Andreev
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Andrey Andreev

Company: Badoo
Title: Founder
Location: London, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Social

Andrey is the serial entrepreneur and founder behind Badoo, the 4th successful company he has built in the last 10 years. His successes include Begun, a company focused on selling contextual advertising by auctioning keywords, often described as an earlier version of Google AdWords. He also created Mamba.ru, which has evolved into Russia’s largest online dating site, with over 10 million monthly active users. Andrey launched Badoo in 2006. Today it is the largest network in the world for meeting people. Today it has over 130 million registered users, generating over $100 million USD’s per year and operating in 180+ countries. Andrey enjoys travelling, fast cars and has a passion for cooking.