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Andrey Egorov
Skolkovo Foundation
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Andrey Egorov

Company: Skolkovo Foundation
Title: CEO, Open University Skolkovo
Location: Moscow, Russian Federation
Fields of operation: Education

Graduated from National Research University Higher School of Economics with Bachelor's and Master's degrees (Economics Department) and Universite Paris 1 - Pantheon Sorbonne with DEA "Decisions publiques, institutions et organisations". EP graduate from Singularity University.
2004-10 worked in RENOVA Group of Companies (and also in the Institute for Corporate Development of RENOVA Group which was in charge of intangible assets of the Group) - Russia's leading private business group - and was in charge of Renova Corporate Club, corporate social responsibility issues, relations with public institutions and some other special projects.
Involved in the process of creating Skolkovo Foundation - new project of building Innovation City in Russia - since Spring 2010 and was responsible for creating Open University Skolkovo, which was launched in April 2011. Now is CEO at Open University Skolkovo.
TEDxMoscow organizer. TEDx Ambassador to Russia.
One of the founders and CEO of Alexander Piatigorsky Foundation aimed to preserve the heritage of famous Russian Philosopher and promote philosophical activities. Hobby is cinema and travelling, especially to South America and Tibet.