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Andy Wood
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Andy Wood

Company: imagemetrics
Title: CEO
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

The leadership of Andy Wood as CEO has enabled Image Metrics to scale great and new heights over the last 2 years. Andy Wood is successful in the interactive, entertainment, music and technology industries. He founded USD sales and marketing with over 50 Number 1 video games including hit titles from Sony, Activision and Electronic Arts, Brereton Hall, a stately home and Collectiv records with high profile compilation CDs for victims of war. He co-founded Actualize games hit series Rally Championship, Bar Cuba, a live music venue, U-Vibe; a record label with top 10 hit singles and albums and produced Mirage Technologies million selling Number 1 hit Rise of the Robots. Andy Wood also co-founded Barrington Harvey PR and marketing and The Producers production and logistics who still remain greatly accomplished today after over 20 years.