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Anke Domscheit-Berg
Deutscher Bundestag
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Anke Domscheit-Berg

Company: Deutscher Bundestag
Title: Bundestagsabgeordnete, DIE LINKE
Location: Fürstenberg/Havel, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Politics
Twitter: anked

Anke Domscheit-Berg, 49, is an activist and publicist, and since October 2017, a Member of Parliament of the German Bundestag. She is the designated speaker for internet policy of the Left Party and a member of the Commission on Digitalisation, as well as a deputy member of the Commission on Traffic and Digital Infrastructure and the Commission on Education, Research and Technological Impact Assessment. For many years, she has been focussed on topics around the digital society – especially the future of work, the need for digital education, the importance of privacy and internet freedom, open government, and on how to link the digital revolution with a social revolution. Anke published in varios media in Germany and beyond, such as Die ZEIT, FAZ, taz, Der Freitag, SZ, Handelsblatt, ManagerMagazin or The Guardian and wrote two books. Together with her husband, internet activist Daniel Domscheit-Berg, she writes a weekly column on digital topics for the Frankfurter Rundschau. She is a frequent speaker on her fields of expertise.

Until 2011, Anke Domscheit-Berg had been working for nearly 15 years as an IT consultant and engagement manager at Accenture, McKinsey's Business Technology Office and as a Director at Microsoft Germany. Since many years, she has been engaged in a broad variety of voluntary activities around refugees, gender equality, human rights, and fighting poverty in third world countries. Anke Domscheit-Berg holds a Master in European Business Administration (Newcastle, UK) and a BA in International Business Administration as well as a degree in Applied Textile Art. She was awarded Women of the Year 2010 by the State of Berlin. With her husband and son she lives north of Berlin, in Germany.