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Anna F.
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Anna F.

Company: Island/Universal
Title: Musician
Fields of operation: Entertainment

Anna grew up in the Austrian province of Styria. In Friedberg. A little 2.500 soul town. She starts playing the guitar at 11. Just shortly after that she already begins making first recordings of her own compositions on her cassette player. Then, for some years, she loses herself in a pubescent maelstrom of a search for meaning, before she decides to perform at one of her school’s final concerts. Anna catches back on fire and again, music becomes an essential part of her life. After moving to Graz to study, she meets Alex Deutsch, a musician, music producer, and artist manager, who she keeps working with all the way since then. And then everything happens really fast: Anna’s song “Time Stands Still” is discovered by a company, that desperately wants to license the track for a commercial. From the commercial, her song makes it into the radio and from the radio into the charts. Shortly after that, Anna gets to open up a whole European Tour with Lenny Kravitz There, she plays in front of audiences with up to 15.000 people and makes a fateful decision: “My future lies in music. My music.” In the meantime she also made her first experiences as an actress in the movie "invasion" and lives in Berlin for 2 years now. Her current Album "King In The Mirror" which finds itself in the top charts in Austria, Germany and Italy and was presented by her on a European Tour opening for James Blunt, is a lot about the duality of things: about truth and fiction, love and hate, yesterday and tomorrow, fear and braveness, about oneself and others. And about how Anna F. unites all these extremes, “King In The Mirror, Queen Of The Shy” – Anna F. has managed to put the extremes of life on an album, in every perceptible way; giving her personal stories a relevance, that make them reasonable also to others; and giving her musical vision a face that is so beautiful, secretive, and expressive as her own. At the least.