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Annalisa Jenkins
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Annalisa Jenkins

Title: -
Location: Darmstadt, Germany
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service

Annalisa Jenkins, MBBS, MRCP, is Executive Vice President, Head of Global Development and Medical for Merck Serono. Dr. Jenkins is also a member of the Pharmaceutical Executive Committee. Prior to joining Merck Serono, Dr. Jenkins was Senior Vice President, Global Medical Affairs at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS). She started with BMS in 1997 as a Cardiovascular Medical Advisor based in the UK. In 2000, she moved to Australia to serve as Executive Medical Director for Australia and New Zealand, subsequently leading the Medical Division across Asia Pacific and Latin America. In 2002, Dr. Jenkins moved to BMS’s major R&D site in Princeton, New Jersey, to oversee the company’s International Medical Division. After three years in this role, she was appointed Chief Medical Officer (CMO) for Europe, Middle East and Africa, subsequently taking on the position of Senior Vice President and CMO responsible for the Americas and the Development Teams. Annalisa Jenkins began her career as a Medical Officer with the British Royal Navy, and served with the Minesweeper Squadron during the Gulf conflict, rising to the rank of Surgeon Lieutenant Commander. She graduated in Medicine from St Bartholomew’s Hospital London and trained in Cardiology with the UK National Health Service.