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Anne-Cécile Worms
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Anne-Cécile Worms

Company: Art2M
Title: CEO
Location: Paris, France
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Art, Design, Culture

Innovation is an art Serial Entrepreneur and editor, graduate of the "Institut d’études Politiques de Paris", Anne-Cécile Worms, who co-founded her first start-up in electronic music in 1999, has been publishing MCD, the Magazine of Digital Cultures, since 2003, with special issues including Art&Industry, The Open Future, Digital Africa, Writing Machines…, guides and books such as Art and Digital Culture(s), international panorama. She is an expert in digital arts for the French Institute. Anne-Cécile Worms is the founder and CEO of Art2M (Art to Machine), specialized in the production and the distribution of exclusive digital artworks and innovative design. Based on an international network of artists, designers and engineers, Art2M is producing connected & "enchanted objects", interactive design, installations and events bound to the art & new technologies. Art2M has launched the first online market place dedicated to Art/Tech : www.artjaws.com Art2M is also publishing Makery, the online media for all labs, to cover the dynamism and give out information on the emergence of a scene of labs: fablabs, hackerspaces, medialabs, living labs, biohacklabs. Where the future is fabricated. www.makery.info