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Anne Kjaer Riechert
ReDI School of Digital Integration
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Anne Kjaer Riechert

Company: ReDI School of Digital Integration
Title: Founder
Fields of operation: Social
Twitter: anneriechert

Anne Kjær Riechert is a 2006 graduate from the prestigious social innovation and change management education KaosPilot in Denmark. From 2006-2009 she worked as creative lead and corporate social responsibility consultant for the Copenhagen-based brand strategy company Stoic, where she amongst others developed and implemented Samsung Electronics award-winning CSR strategy for Scandinavia.
In July 2010, Anne moved to Japan, when she was entrusted with the prestigious Rotary Peace Fellowship. In 2012 Anne was recognized by Berlingske Business Magazine as one of Denmark ś 10 largest talents under 35 years, in the "Business Development" category.
In 2012 Anne moved to Berlin to set up the Berlin Peace Innovation Lab in collaboration with Stanford University. The lab focuses on how technology is facilitating emerging and measurable social change toward global peace.
In response to the refugee crises, Anne co-founded Refugees on Rails in the summer of 2015, to help integrate refugees in to the European tech scene. The project later developed in to a vocational training program teaching basic and advanced programming skills to asylum seekers to get them job ready. Since January 2016 Anne is managing director of the program, called “ReDI School of Digital Integration”.