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Anne Philippi
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Anne Philippi

Company: Author/Writer/
Title: Author/Writer/
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Entertainment
Twitter: philippianne

[Anne Philippi](www.annephilippi.com) has written for VOGUE, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and Vanity Fair Germany. She has lived in Buenos Aires, she‘s followed Amy Winehouse to San Lucia, met oligarch in Moscow and spent many years writing about the glamour world. She worked as a Hollywood reporter for GQ Germany, interviewed many celebrities and actors, and published her first novel “Giraffen” in 2015.
She lives in Berlin and Los Angeles, is currently writing for Faz and FAQ. She is in the process of founding and is especially interested in the question, how to be an author and a celebrity interviewer in the digital age. She is obsessed with Instagram Stories.

*Photo credit: Joachim Gern*