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Arie van den Ende
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Arie van den Ende

Company: RoboValley
Title: Co-founder & Advisor
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Arie is an experienced entrepreneur and business developer. He co-founded RoboValley, which takes a leading role in the development of the next generation robotics by connecting more than 170 robotics researchers with entrepreneurs and decision makers in both public and private sectors.
Van den Ende (1958) managed a financial service provider for more than 26 years. Since 2003, Arie has been working as a strategy consultant within many areas – and became immersed in the world of robotics. In 2015, he co-founded and served as managing director of RoboValley, an initiative that spun out of the renowned TU Delft Robotics Institute. RoboValley forms partnerships between researchers, private companies and governments in order to create a technology hub in Europe similar to Silicon Valley.
Under Arie’s leadership, RoboValley has quickly become a powerhouse for robotics innovation, not only in the Netherlands but on a broader scale in the EU and the rest of the world as well. As of September this year, Arie stepped down as managing director in order to fully devote his energy on the business development in RoboValley. He remains an adviser to the board.
Arie has been involved in the founding of dozens of companies, including the start-up groups Delft Aerial Robotics (DAR) and Delft Robotics Enterprises. DAR will also be present at DLD Tel Aviv and is part of the Dutch delegation.