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Assaf Biderman
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Assaf Biderman

Company: Superpedestrian
Title: Founder
Location: Cambridge, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Education

Assaf Biderman is a technology inventor, author, and entrepreneur. He teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he is the associate director of the SENSEable City Laboratory - a research group that explores the "real-time city" by studying the increasing deployment of sensors and networked miniaturized electronics, as well as their relationship to the built environment. In December 2012, Assaf founded Superpedestrian, a technology company that focuses on the future of personal urban mobility. He teamed up with a group of veteran roboticists to develop their first product: The Copenhagen Wheel - Senseable City Lab's award winning bicycle project. Superpedestrian has received multiple awards including the 2014 Red Dot: Luminary - the highest Red Dot distinction, the 2014 Deutscher Werkbund and Time Magazine's 25 Best Inventions of 2014.