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Astrid Frohloff
rbb German Television
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Astrid Frohloff

Company: rbb German Television
Title: TV Moderator
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Journalist

Astrid Frohloff is a familiar face on German Television. The ARD journalist has got many years of TV experience and stands for sophisticated political journalism.

Until recently Astrid Frohloff presented one of Germanys most striking political TV magazines “Kontraste” (ARD). Currently she presents a new forward driven TV format which is focusing on constructive journalism and demonstrates innovative best practice cases in Europe.

Besides her TV work Astrid Frohloff for many years acts as a moderator on international conferences, conceives and curates high level events. She is specialized in economic and political topics such as digitalization, AI, transportation and others. Also, Astrid Frohloff acts as a consultant for strategic communication and as a coach for executives.

She has got her Master in political science and her Diploma in journalism at the University of Hannover and Austin, Texas/USA.