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Axel Hensen
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Axel Hensen

Company: UJAM
Title: -
Location: -, Germany
Fields of operation: Other

Axel Hensen is the general manager of UJAM, a german-based startup that aims to democratize music making and scored an amazing success and reception at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York in May 2010. A young computer scientist and software project management specialist, Hensen holds a degree from the University of Bremen, Germany. His background in music production lead him to music technology, where he gained experience as software consultant for Digidesign Virtual Instruments and Digitalmusician.net, a collaboration platform for music production. Before joining UJAM, he held a leadership role at the Advanced Instrument Research (AIR) Group of world-leading audio solutions brand Avid. Because of his unique combination of music technology experience and a strong strategic vision, UJAMs founders put him in charge of the company's overall operations and leadership of the invention and development of UJAM's proprietary "music in the cloud" technology.