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Bazon Brock
Universtität Wuppertal
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Bazon Brock

Company: Universtität Wuppertal
Title: Professor for Aesthetics
Location: Wuppertal, Germany
Fields of operation: Education, Art, Design, Culture

Bazon Brock is Professor for Aesthetics at the University of Wuppertal. He was born 1936 in Stolp/Pommern, Germany. From 1957-1965 he studied German language and literature studies, philosophy, art history, and political science in Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Zurich. At the same time he was educated in dramaturgy. In 1959 he was involved for the first time in happenings, along with Hundertwasser, Alan Kaprow, Joseph Beuys, Wolf Vostell, Nam June Paik. In 1968 he founded the establishment for visitor schools for documenta schools in Kassel. 1965-1978 Bazon Brock was appointed assistant professor for non-normative aesthetics at the University of Visual Arts in Hamburg. From 1978 until 1980 he worked as professor for design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. Starting 1980 Bazon Brock became university professor for aesthetics and design theory at the Bergisch University in Wuppertal, department of architecture, design and art. Since 1957 he has conducted more than 1600 action teachings, theatre plays and productions for theory theatre, audio books, polemics, events in museums, galleries, archives, theatres and international universities. 1992 he was awarded a honorary doctor for technical science at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule (ETH) in Zurich. He is co-founder of the theory theatre and the research group „Kultur und Strategie". His recent work focus lies on neural aesthetics and imaging science. The most recent publication: "Der Barbar als Kulturheld - Ästhetik des Unterlassens - Kritik der Wahrheit", DuMont, Cologne 2004