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Benjamin Costantini
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Benjamin Costantini

Company: MIDEM
Title: Conference Manager
Location: x
Fields of operation: Entertainment
Twitter: objetivarte

Benjamin is a conference manager at midem and a faculty member at Berklee College of Music. midem is an international trade show that takes place in Cannes, France where music makers, technology companies, a variety of brands and other talent come together to meet and share music and information about the industry. With many years' experience in the arts and technology, Benjamin got his start in the music business when he founded and managed the indie Spanish record label La Crème Records, a Creative Commons driven and artist-friendly company where he managed several bands. He also founded Objetivarte, a startup dedicated to research support services and cultural engineering. As a media entrepreneur, he has released a number of albums of his own work and has produced over 50 albums for a wide variety of artists, organized shows and toured internationally. Benjamin holds a Master's Degree in Anthropology & Sociology, a Postgraduate Degree in Economy and Business Management and a Specialized Master in Cultural Management.