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Bjoern Lasse Herrmann
Compass & Startup Genome
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Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

Company: Compass & Startup Genome
Title: Founder & CEO
Location: San Francisco, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: bjoernlasse

Bjoern was born in Germany, and has become a recognized entrepreneur and expert on data products, data driven decision making, education, innovation, entrepreneurship and organizational development. He founded and led 5 for and non profit ventures in Germany, Bangladesh & the US. He also worked as an executive in Russia for one year for a mid sized marketing firm. In his free time he is an advisor to multiple for and non profit (e.g. Startup Canada, Startup Malaysia), a mentor for the Thiel Fellowship, Startup Bootcamp and Spark Labs and a speaker at various conferences (e.g Strata & Hadoop World, DLD, GES, Pioneers Festival, International Startup Festival, Almedalen) and Universities (e.g. Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, SU). He is also a member of the Sandbox Network, the WEF GS and the Silicon Valley Leadership group. He is actively engaged into German, European and US politics on the issues of entrepreneurship and immigration. Most recently his team & him set out to decrease the massive failure rate of businesses by transforming the business world from instinct driven to data driven. The first product Compass.Co now serves tens of thousands of software businesses around the world. Its success has been covered in Economist, WSJ, PBS, ARD, Techcrunch, Wired and Forbes. The young company has been backed by prominent investors including Steve Blank, Allen Morgan, Roger Krakoff, Daniel Recanati, Gianluca Dettori, Erik Jansen and Stefan Glaenzer. Since its inception Compass has released a series of well-regarded reports on why companies fail and succeed and on comparing global ecosystems. They have been adopted into the curriculum of more than 100 Universities worldwide such as Stanford and Science Po and have inspired numerous businesses and political initiatives. Bjoern's personal passion or "leitmotif" is: unleashing human potential. He enjoys seeing people grow. His higher purpose is to strive to maximize the capitalization of every single individual.