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Brandon Burgess
ION Media Networks
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Brandon Burgess

Company: ION Media Networks
Title: CEO and President
Location: United States
Fields of operation: Media

Brandon Burgess is now chairman and CEO of Ion Media Networks. Before he assumed responsibility for NBC Business Development in January 2002, overseeing growth strategy and execution. After a series of core expansion transactions, Burgess spearheaded NBC´s acquisition of Universal Entertainment. With the formation of NBC Universal, Burgess assumed broadened responsibility for Digital Media and International Channels. In addition to continued responsibility for global strategy and transactions, Burgess oversees all digital media activities and international television channels. Burgess reports to Bob Wright, Chairman and CEO of NBC Universal, and serves on the Boards of NBC Universal's A&E Networks, MSNBC, Miss Universe, and NBC Europe. Prior to his current position, Burgess was Chief Financial Officer for the NBC Television Network. Before joining NBC, Burgess worked in investment banking at Goldman Sachs in London and Frankfurt and at PepsiCo's Corporate Planning Group. Burgess is a graduate of the European Business School in Germany and holds a Master of Business Administration from the Wharton School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.