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Bulent Altan
Global Space Ventures
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Bulent Altan

Company: Global Space Ventures
Title: Managing Partner
Location: Los Angeles, United States
Fields of operation: Investor

Bulent Altan is a former key-executive and a very early employee of SpaceX in the roles of VP of Avionics, Software, Guidance, Navigation and Control and later in the role of VP of Satellite Mission assurance for the newly formed satellite mega-constellation project until the end of 2017. He joined SpaceX in 2004 after graduating from Stanford University with a Masters in Aeronautics and Astronautics and earning his Masters from the Technical University of Munich in Computer Science. His contributions were critical in the growth of the SpaceX avionics department from seven people 210, became the Vice President of the department as a key contributor to not just his departments’ topics but the design of all aspects of the SpaceX vehicles. Bulent left SpaceX from 2014 to 2016 to co-found the start-up ecosystem and aerospace industry in Europe, during which period he held positions as a general partner and technical mentor at the Munich area industrial start-up accelerator TechFounders and take on the role of Head of Digital Transformation and Innovation at Airbus Defence and Space.