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Carolin Fiechter
leaf republic GmbH
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Carolin Fiechter

Company: leaf republic GmbH
Title: CFO
Location: Taufkirchen, Germany
Fields of operation: Other
Twitter: leaf_republic

Carolin Fiechter is co-founder of the Munich based startup leaf republic. Her company focuses on research and development of sustainable materials. In summer 2016, leaf republic raised more than 64.000€ on Kickstarter for their one-way plates entirely made of leaves. After studying Business Administration and Technology Management in Frankfurt, Lyon and Munich, Carolin founded a consulting company supporting non-profits in fundraising. In 2013, Carolin co-founded leaf republic, raising 1.5 Mio. Euro of risk capital in the last three years and developing the company from R&D to a first sales month with 6-digits turnover in Dec. 2016. Now, leaf republic is heading for the next goal: revolutionizing the pulp and paper industry.