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Chris Boos
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Chris Boos

Company: Arago
Title: Founder & CEO
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Science
Twitter: boosc

Chris is founder and CEO of arago – a Frankfurt, Germany based pioneer in machine thinking focussed on deploying extreme automating to IT operations of legacy companies. His responsibilities include strategy, product development, research and HR. As algorithm designer and author he is broadly engaged in the high-tech community. Chris is also active as a board member and as supporter and angel investor in the European and US start-up scene.
R&D efforts are focused on distributed computing and data analytics using graph based systems and inference engines built on system dynamics. Both approaches are consistent with the notion of the network being a global area for computation and storage. Similarly they deal with the problem of ever growing information flows and with the desire to find intuitive ways of allowing businesses and their users to be in control of information and knowledge.
Specialties: Algorithm Design, Software Engineering, Autonomous Systems, Rule Engines, Distributed Computing, Data Analysis, Routing, IT Architecture, IT Automation