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Christa Maar
Hubert Burda Stiftung
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Christa Maar

Company: Hubert Burda Stiftung
Title: CEO
Location: Munich, Germany
Fields of operation: Social, Life & Health
Twitter: ChristaMaar

The [Felix Burda Foundation](http://www.felix-burda-foundation.com/) is a non-profit institution of the Hubert Burda Media Corporation. The Foundation was established by Hubert Burda and Christa Maar and carries the name of their son Felix Burda who died of colon cancer in 2001. The Foundation sees its main task in creating public awareness for the potential benefits of the early detection & prevention of colorectal cancer. This is done with the help of large integrated media campaigns, international conferences, a giant colon model and many other innovative and digital ideas, like the APPzumARZT. Dr. Maar is also founder and president of the Network Against Colon Cancer, the Think Tank for prevention and a member of the government initiative: National German Cancer Plan.