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Christian Laforsch
University of Bayreuth
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Christian Laforsch

Company: University of Bayreuth
Title: Chair of Animal Ecology I, Faculty of Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences
Location: Bayreuth, Germany
Fields of operation: Science, Education

Since 2012, Professor Dr. Christian Laforsch is the Head of Chair: Animal Ecology I at the University of Bayreuth, Faculty of Biology, Chemistry, and Earth Sciences. Since 2015, he has also been Vice President for Research & Junior Scholars there and he coordinates the Master Program: Molecular Ecology.

His doctoral thesis “Morphologische Plastizität: die Zyklomorphose bei Daphnia cucullata” was awarded summa cum laude at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich (LMU) in 2003. Laforsch also received his diploma in biology with first-class honours in zoology, ecology, wildlife biology and botany at LMU in 1999.

As a post-doc research scientist, Laforsch worked at the Institute for Experimental Physics II at the University of Leipzig and the Biological Sciences Department at Lancaster University/UK. Returning to LMU in 2005, Laforsch worked towards his habilitation in zoology and ecology which he received in 2009.

Among other awards, Laforsch received the Lecturing Award of the Faculty of Biology at LMU in 2008 and 2010, the Teaching Award at the University of Bayreuth in 2017, as well as the Habilitation Award of the Munich University Association in 2011.

Next to his work at the University of Bayreuth, Laforsch also serves on the Advisory Board of BIOTOPIA Naturkundemuseum Bayern since 2017.