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Christian Pantle
Focus Magazin Verlag
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Christian Pantle

Company: Focus Magazin Verlag
Title: Head of Science, Health and Technology
Location: München, Germany
Fields of operation: Media, Journalist

Dr. Christian Pantle is head of the science, health and technology section at [FOCUS Magazin](http://www.burdanews.de/) since February 2015. Born in 1970, he graduated from Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich with a Diploma degree in Physics, did brain research at the Institute of Physiology there and received a Ph.D. in Human Biology in 1997. Then he changed sides from pure science to science journalism: He was trained at Burda School of Journalism, worked as editor at FOCUS and as deputy editor-in-chief of the popular science magazines P.M. and Wunderwelt Wissen. Besides looking for innovations shaping our future he likes to occupy himself with our past: His history book "Die Varusschlacht" hit the bestseller list in 2009.