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Cillian Kieran
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Cillian Kieran

Company: BrandCommerce
Title: CEO & Founder
Location: NYC, United States

Cillian is an engineer and physics dropout who previously founded technology and digital transformation consultancy, CKSK, working for over a decade with global brands like Sony, Pepsi Co. and Dell to define and build technology products that enabled brands to remain competitive in a rapidly changing digital world. As user behavior shifts to ecommerce and traditional retail struggles, his current venture, BrandCommerce is building the future of ecommerce. BrandCommerce enables traditional brands to switch on Direct-2-Consumer ecommerce capabilities by networking brick-and-mortar retailers to create a mesh-like virtual warehouse of fulfillment and logistics capabilities for faster, more efficient ecommerce for large brands. Cillian and the team at BrandCommerce are building the connecting layer between physical and digital retail for the future of eCommerce.