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Conrad Wolfram
Wolfram Research Europe
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Conrad Wolfram

Company: Wolfram Research Europe
Title: CEO Wolfram Europe
Location: Long Hanborough, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Education
Twitter: conradwolfram

Conrad Wolfram is widely known for his thought leadership in reforming education using modern technology. He founded computerbasedmath.org to fundamentally rethink and rebuild the mainstream maths education curriculum now computers can be assumed. The resulting major change is now a worldwide force in re-engineering STEM with early projects in Estonia, Sweden and Africa.

Conrad is also European co-founder/CEO of the Wolfram group of companies. Described as the “Computation Company” and uniquely operating at the intersection of computation, data and knowledge, the Wolfram Group is driving innovation across data science, modelling and maths through technology and solutions—including Mathematica software, the Wolfram|Alpha knowledge engine (powering knowledge answers for Apple's Siri), Enterprise Private Cloud and the Wolfram Language. Conrad holds degrees in natural sciences and maths from University of Cambridge.