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Constantin Bjerke
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Constantin Bjerke

Company: Crane.tv
Title: Founder & CEO
Location: London, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Media
Twitter: cranetv

Media Entrepreneur Constantin Bjerke is the Founder and CEO of Crane.tv a story-telling company, which in 2011 was named a "top ten European start-up to watch in 2011" by the Wall Street Journal. Crane.tv is re-inventing cultural publishing as the first online video magazine for contemporary culture, with content also syndicated to a wide array of sites including the Huffington Post, Wallpaper*, and the New York Times reaching an influential, world-wide audience. Constantin is a firm believer that brands need to make the transition from campaign driven marketing to editorially driven marketing to effectively engage consumers in the digital age. Crane.tv works with a number of cultural institutions and premium brands such as Ralph Lauren, BMW, American Express Centurion, Hennessy and Swarovski to help them develop and execute content strategies. Constantin has over a decade of experience working in television and film production including branded content development with clients such as the FIFA World Cup, Mercedes Benz, Laureus World Sports Awards and Orascom.