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Constanze Neuhann-Lorenz
IPRAS Women for Women Project
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Constanze Neuhann-Lorenz

Company: IPRAS Women for Women Project
Title: Surgeon
Location: München, Germany
Fields of operation: Life & Health, Science

Dr. “Connie” graduated in medicine from Freiburg University and Munich Technical University/ Klinikum Rechts der Isar. Early during her clinical studies she was fascinated in the field of Plastic Surgery where Prof. Ursula Schmidt-Tintemann was her first teacher in this specialty. After working in Brazil with Prof. Ivo Pitanguy and becoming board certified in General Surgery, she trained in Plastic Surgery at the first Munich Burn Center with Prof. Mühlbauer. The combination of reconstructive and aesthetic surgical challenges in Plastic Surgery has ever since fulfilled her professional career. Since 1989 she works in her private practice with hospital privileges in Munich and has maintained special interest in periocular, facial and breast surgery. Towards these special topics she also concentrates her scientific interest. She has organized and invited to teach in numerous international conferences in the field. Deriving from her longstanding engagement in the national and international societies of Plastic and Aesthetic surgery, she presently still serves as President of IQUAM (International Committee for Quality Assurance, Medical Devices and Technologies in Plastic Surgery). Finally after her children had grown up she and her long-time friend Dr. Marita Eisenmann-Klein founded the IPRAS Women For Women Project. Female Plastic surgeons who have also achieved top positions in international Plastic Surgery realized that women with socio-cultural squeal of trauma are under-represented in humanitarian medical missions. During the first missions in India it could be verified that female patients feel more comfortable and encouraged by a female surgical team. As lady surgeons we learned that the reason for these untreated and often disguised burn injuries are domestic attacks or of suicides. In her surgical work she puts focus on the care of post-burn scars and contractures that involve functional as well as aesthetic defects. Having traveled all her life as a tourist in economically less privileged countries it seemed logical to get involved deeper. She now aims to grant medical care and collaborates closely with local colleagues to share insights and expertise also outside of conference rooms and scientific symposia. Motivating and delivering this message to young women plastic surgeons - among them her daughter, a 2nd year resident in plastic surgery - is crucial for her. She lives together with her husband Lothar Strobach a journalist in Munich and preferably spends her weekends together with her two grown up children in the family millhouse in the Bavarian countryside.