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Cristina Stenbeck
Kinnevik AB
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Cristina Stenbeck

Company: Kinnevik AB
Title: Investor
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Cristina Stenbeck has been the lead shareholder of [Kinnevik ](https://www.kinnevik.com/) over the last 20 years. Cristina began her career within the Kinnevik group when she joined her first public portfolio company board in 1997. She became Deputy Chairman of Kinnevik in 2003. Served as Chairman and Executive Chairman of the Board between 2007 and 2016 and still serves on the Board today.

Kinnevik is a family-led entrepreneurial group focused on building digital consumer businesses spanning 80 countries around the world. The six investment focus areas are: Communication, e-Commerce & Marketplaces, Entertainment and Financial Services and it recently added health and education to its current consumer focus. Last year, Kinnevik made its first investment into a digital heath platform called babylon which uses advanced AI to diagnose and treat consumers' medical concerns. Kinnevik's largest investment is its 32% ownership in Zalando, Europe's leading fashion and e-commerce company.

Cristina graduated with a B.Sc. from Georgetown University in Washington DC, USA and lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her family and four children.