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Dan Gillmor
Arizona State University
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Dan Gillmor

Company: Arizona State University
Title: Professor
Location: Brisbane, United States
Fields of operation: Education, Media
Twitter: dangillmor

Dan Gillmor teaches, writes, and speaks on the development of media and technology. At Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication, he teaches digital media literacy and promotes entrepreneurship in journalism. He is also co-founder and director of the News Co/Lab, a collaborative lab aimed at boosting news awareness and literacy, working with news organizations, schools, libraries and others on experiments to bring more scale to these skills and principles via engagement, transparency, and more. He is author of "We the Media: Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People" -- the first major book to cover the then-new phenomenon of citizen media -- and "Mediactive", which seeks to make people more media literate in a digital age. His upcoming project, entitled "Permission Taken", looks at the increasing control that companies and governments are exerting over the way we use technology and communicate, and how we can take back some of that control. A former journalist, Dan has written for many publications over the years. He has co-founded, advised, and served on boards at a number of media-related companies and nonprofits, and speaks widely on media and technology topics.