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Dan Zappin
Zealot Networks
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Dan Zappin

Company: Zealot Networks
Title: Founder / President / CEO
Location: Los Angeles, United States
Fields of operation: Media
Twitter: DannyZappin

Danny Zappin is the CEO and co-founder of Maker Studios, a next-generation media company. Danny began his career in entertainment Los Angeles, where over the course of a few years he worked as an actor, director, editor, shooter, producer and filmmaker on various TV and film projects. After discovering YouTube in early 2006, he began posting content and started several channels on YouTube, including collaborating with Lisa to create the LisaNova channel. LisaNova became a top 20 YouTube channel and remains one of the most subscribed channels on the site. As an early adopter, Danny became one of the leading experts on YouTube from the content-creator side and has been influential in the direction of the site. In June 2009, Danny and Lisa along with several other YouTube stars and production staff formed Maker Studios to create a new kind of studio built for YouTube with the goal of servicing the needs of YouTube content creators.