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Dean Hachamovitch
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Dean Hachamovitch

Company: Microsoft
Title: VP & Head Internet Explorer
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

As head of the Windows Internet Explorer team at Microsoft Corp., Dean Hachamovitch is responsible for the design, development and release of the world's most used browser and the recently released Internet Explorer 9. He also oversees the planning of future versions of the browser, and the security, privacy and customer response process for all currently supported versions of Internet Explorer. Since joining Microsoft in 1990, he has helped lead the development and release of several versions of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office on both Windows and Macintosh. His primary focus was user interface innovations, such as AutoCorrect, automatic spell checking and formatting, and integration across the product suite. One of Hachamovitch's favorite decisions while on the Office team was to retire Clippy, the Microsoft Office Assistant, back in 2007. Hachamovitch's passion is shipping software that matters to Windows customers, that enables personal computers to "just work" for people in useful, desirable and trustworthy ways, and creating new ways for developers to do more with these technologies. Hachamovitch holds a degree in mathematics from Harvard. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife, kids and dog as well as serving as the IT manager, photographer and webmaster for the extended family.