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Deon Newman
IBM Watson IoT
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Deon Newman

Company: IBM Watson IoT
Title: CMO
Location: London, United Kingdom
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Media
Twitter: deonnewm

Deon Newman is vice president and Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for [IBM Watson Internet of Things](http://www.ibm.com/cognitive/de-de/outthink/index.html?S_PKG=missing_category&S_TACT=EUCACOGDES1&campaign=IBM%20Cognitive_UN&group=Watson%20Cognitive_UN&mkwid=9c0dbeab-9506-4c47-b6bc-f9955662045d|569|138491124&ct=EUCACOGDES1&iio=BWatson&cmp=EUCAC&ck=watson&cs=p&ccy=DE&cr=google&cm=k&cn=Watson%20Cognitive_UN). He is responsible for brand strategy, digital transformation, digital marketing, and demand generation.
Before becoming CMO of Watson IoT in October 2015, Deon served as Vice President for IBM z Systems where led the rebranding and positioning of the IBM z System, the launch of the IBM LinuxOne line of systems and the celebration of Mainframe50, and oversaw revenue growth of 23%.
Deon has served as Vice President, Marketing and Communications responsible for IBM’s North America Systems and Technology business delivering 5 consecutive years of Server market leadership according to IDC. He was also the Worldwide Marketing Director for SOA and IBM WebSphere where he worked on launching IBM’s SOA initiative. Deon grew up in Melbourne, Australia, and during his career, has held a number of marketing and sales leadership positions in New York, London, Paris, and across Asia Pacific. He is currently based in London, UK, where he is perfecting the use of an umbrella and a stiff upper lip.