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Deron Triff
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Deron Triff

Company: WaitWhat
Title: Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer
Location: New York City, United States
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

WaitWhat is a joyful start-up from former TED execs June Cohen and Deron Triff. Founded just about a year ago, WaitWhat’s inaugural media properties, Masters of Scale and Sincerely X, have been critically acclaimed podcasts and represent just the beginning of intriguing new ideas we plan to bring out to the world. We describe WaitWhat as a content incubator. Rather than targeting traditional demographic segments, we are building media properties aimed at contagious, optimistic emotions — awe, wonder, curiosity and mastery — that you can't help but to share. Our media properties are filled with wait, what? moments that make you stop and reconsider what you thought you understood about the world. Once we establish a media property in its first format, we then transform the content to many different formats and experiences which allow it to scale to new audiences and thrive. Now building out a team of exceptionally creative and diverse storyteller-inventors, we are fueled by the desire to create content experiences of the highest originality that make people feel lit up and alive.