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Didier Rappaport
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Didier Rappaport

Company: happn
Title: CEO
Location: Paris, France
Fields of operation: Social, Digital, Technology

Didier Rappaport is the CEO of [Happn](https://www.happn.com/en/), the app that is turning the dating industry upside down.
After completing an Economics degree in Bordeaux, Didier moves to Paris and creates an international trade business, until he discovers the digital world in the 90s.
Amazed by this new world, Didier changes direction. He creates his first B2B online service platform in the 2000s for the international textile trade. In 2002, Didier creates his second B2B service platform, SourcesIT, for the use of Internet professionals.In 2005, Didier becomes co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Dailymotion, the second largest video-sharing website in the world. In 2008, Didier participates in rebuilding Nomao, a geolocated, personalized social network that tweaks into a search engine.
In 2013, Didier imagines a dating app with his 2 co-founders Antony and Fabien Cohen, and in 2014, he launches Happn. It’s the first dating app starting from a real-life experience: it gives you the chance to discover and to find that person that has caught your eye, and to avoid all missed connections. Two years after its launch, Happn counts 18 million users, in more than 40 major cities all over the world.