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Dimitrije Stepanenko
Institute of Physics Belgrade
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Dimitrije Stepanenko

Company: Institute of Physics Belgrade
Title: Associate Research Professor & Chief Scientist of the Innovation Center
Fields of operation: Education, Science

Dimitrije Stepanenko is Associate research professor and Chief Scientist of the Innovation Center at the Institute of Physics Belgrade. His work spans the range from theoretical physics of condensed matter physics and new materials, to bringing research results into industrial practice and applications.

His interest lies at the interface between the world of microscopic objects that can only be described by quantum physics and the world of objects that allow for classical description that we can think about in terms close to human intuition.

Spins in condensed matter and magnetic molecular systems, with their ability to store and process quantum information and then transfer its classical part to the macroscopic objects promise novel ways of manipulating quantum world. With his collaborators, he works on ways to manipulate spins by electric fields that can be controlled at the nanoscale, rather than by magnetic fields that naturally couple to spins, but do not allow for fast local manipulation. He is fascinated by the issues of complexity and the ways that it can be quantified.