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DJ Monsieur Komplex
HP Envy Beats
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DJ Monsieur Komplex

Company: HP Envy Beats
Title: DJ
Location: Paris, France
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture

It is a genuine and heartfelt passion for all things musical – and MONSIEUR KOMPLEX discovered this at a very early age! His various musical collaborations with many international artists since give evidence to this rare talent and enthusiasm. The KOMPLEX story begins when he meets the successful French artist, rapper and actor Disiz La Peste In 2000 Disiz La Peste asks MONSIEUR KOMPLEX to support, entertain and boost his shows – especially for the URBAN PEACE and Generation RAP/R’n’B events. KOMPLEX then joins La Peste’s team during his tour of French cities. KOMPLEX goes on to become involved in several other collections, including, in 2006, Monseigneur Mike and in 2007 I LOVE MY MIX 2 with Trace TV. MONSIEUR KOMPLEX’s extensive playlists are unique in France and reveal his outstanding personality; with a seamless mix of hip hop, influenced by electro music, and ‘art-house’ rock.