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Doris Dörrie
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Doris Dörrie

Company: HFF
Title: Director
Location: -, Germany
Fields of operation: Art, Design, Culture, Art, Design, Culture

Doris Dörrie, born in Hannover, helds a leading position as director and author in the German movie industry. After studying theatre and acting in the USA, she continued her education at the Munich Filmacademy. Her movie "Männer" (1985) became a worldwide hit. She has directed more than 30 feature films and documentaries and written 20 novels and volumes of short stories, directed operas and is running the creative writing department at the Munich Film School Several other movies followed, such as: "Keiner liebt mich" (1994), „Bin ich schön?" (1998), "Erleuchtung Garantiert" (2000), „Nackt" (2002), "Kirschblüten-Hanami" (2008), "Die Friseuse" (2010). Her work includes not only famous movies but also documentaries, novels, short stories, children literature and opera productions. She has been awarded for her work several times, several German film prizes, the German book prize for "The Blue Dress" (2001) and the Herald Award 2009 for the opera "Admeto".