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Dunya Bouhacene
Women Equity for Growth
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Dunya Bouhacene

Company: Women Equity for Growth
Title: Founder
Location: France
Fields of operation: Social

Dunya is the co-founder of Women Equity for Growth, the first private equity program in Europe focusing on women-led SMEs. Previously, she has been working in strategic consulting, industry and private equity. Dunya holds a Master of Philosophy, a Master of Public Affairs and a MBA from Sorbonne IAE. The Program supports the development and promotes the success of the most promising women-led growth businesses in Europe, its main initiatives being: - The creation of a private equity investment arm combining private and institutional investment vehicles launched in partnership with the European investment bank Bryan Garnier & Co, - The development of a network of European investors with complementary expertises and geographical presence, - The establishment of a network of business and industry experts, providing guidance for the portfolio companies, - The documentation of the investment universe in collaboration with leading academic research centers in Europe, USA, etc.