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Ekkehard Kuppel
Sum People
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Ekkehard Kuppel

Company: Sum People
Title: Founder & CEO
Location: Meilen, Switzerland
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service

Achievement was driving Ekki for many years, as a partner at McKinsey and a CEO in three different companies. In his mid forties he got introduced to a basic triangle: the It (strategies, structure, numbers, the hard stuff), the We (relationships, trust, collaboration),and the I (who are you? why are you doing what your doing?) and he had to recognise that 95% of his professional energy was focused on the It. This mid life reflexion phase led to some significant shifts. Ekki founded sum people, a boutique consultancy, helping executive teams integrating the We- and I-dimensions at the service of a better It; in addition, he created a foundation, Mountain Wisdom, where he invites executives to the mountains to reflect on themselves and their purpose. Ekki’s purpose: help executives take their heart to work.