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Eliezer Elhadad
RealSense - Intel Corporation
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Eliezer Elhadad

Company: RealSense - Intel Corporation
Title: Studio Manager
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology
Twitter: eli_elhadad

Eli leads a group of handpicked talented individuals at Intel in the Perceptual Computing group. Together they get a chance to “play” with the latest and greatest tech from Intel and partners only to come up with an “out of the box” experiences that take the tech to a new level of interaction and user experience. All in all, Eli is dealing with motion technology for more than 10 years at different companies, starting with Linear IR sensors, simple RGB cameras through sophisticated depth cameras with combination of inertial sensors and other input devices In addition to that, Eli worked at different Internet security companies (in today’s words – Cyber) doing web/email protection, web content filtering and software copy protection Eli is also a proud father of 4 adorable kids, an avid gamer and an amateur musician