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Eric Johanson
intellectual ventures laboratory
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Eric Johanson

Company: intellectual ventures laboratory
Title: Project Scientist and Entropy Generator
Location: Bellevue, WA, United States
Fields of operation: Other

3ric Johanson has been a hacker for many years.He's been involved with several successful projects, most of which he can't talk about and never really happened. What we do know is that he has designed and built a system which shoots mosquitoes with lasers. His past work includes excessive voltages, Shmoocon, Hackerbot Labs (A Seattle-based hackerspace), vend-o-rand and rainbowtables. By day, he is a Project Scientist and Entropy Generator at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory; by night, he has been spotted wearing his "so sue me already" t-shirt while drinking over-caffeinated coffee. His hobbies include building and breaking things in secret underground lairs.