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Ernst Rauch
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Ernst Rauch

Company: MunichRe
Title: -
Location: -
Fields of operation: Business (non digital), Professional Service

Ernst Rauch studied at the Institute for General and Applied Geophysics at the University of Munich from 1981 to 1986. After having spent two years as a research assistant (1986-1988), he joined the staff of Munich Re's Geo Risks Research Department in June 1988. His work initially focused on earthquake risk analysis and the development of earthquake simulation models. Since the early 1990s his area of responsibility shifted increasingly to the analysis and modelling of meteorological risks. After becoming section leader in 2000, he was appointed head of the Meteorological Risks Department at Munich Re in April 2004. On 1 April 2008, Mr. Rauch became head of the newly established Munich Re strategy unit Corporate Climate Centre (CCC). The CCC also serves as a central entry and coordinating point to Munich Re on renewable energies. In 2009, Ernst Rauch assumed overall responsibility for the Dii GmbH (Desertec Industrial Initiative) project office during the founding phase, and today represents Munich Re as a shareholder in Dii. Ernst Rauch is a member of the German Geophysical Society, the Wind Engineering Society (WTG, Germany), the Australian Earthquake Engineering Society, and the American Association for Wind Engineering.