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Esther Dyson
Way to Wellville
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Esther Dyson

Company: Way to Wellville
Title: Executive Founder
Location: New York, United States
Fields of operation: Life & Health
Twitter: edyson

Esther Dyson is executive founder of HICCup and its project WaytoWellville and chairman of EDventure Holdings. Way to Wellville is a ten-year, five-metric, five-community project to help five small US communities produce health with the goal of making health care less necessary (rather than cheaper!). Aside from that, Dyson's primary activity is investing in and nurturing start-ups, with a recent focus on health care and aerospace. She is an active board member for a variety of companies, including 23andMe, Luxoft, Meetup, Pressreader, Voxiva, XCOR Aerospace and Yandex. Her past investments included Medstory (sold to Microsoft), Flickr and del.icio.us (sold to Yahoo!), Brightmail (sold to Symantec). Her current investments include Icon Aircraft, Space Adventures, Evernote and Square. She also sits on the boards of several nonprofit organizations, including ExpandED Learning, Long Now Foundation, the Sunlight Foundation and the Personal Genome Foundation.