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Eva Schatz
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Eva Schatz

Company: Kuniri
Title: Founder
Location: Munich, Germany
Fields of operation: Education, Art, Design, Culture

Eva is co- founder and CEO of KUNIRI, a nonprofit company based in Munich educating and employing refugees who want to work in Design or fashion industry. Starting in 2014 as a voluntary cultural project and open sewing workshop for refugees KUNIRI has grown each year, and since 2016 been running courses for refugees giving them a chance to learn a craft, strengthen their language skills and most importantly creating a community and a network that helps the participants to gain independence. The next step for KUNIRI will be starting a fashion label with designs reflecting the diversity and cultural backgrounds of all people involved. Eva is a journalist and is currently producing cultural, educational, kids and youth TV programs for public broadcasters. Completing her MA in Media and Communication, Eva worked as a researcher in media research to contribute to the understanding of the cultural and educational meaning of media content for young people. Her focus lies on a life long learning approach that engages people of all ages and backgrounds in a socially responsible, empathetic and sustainable lifestyle.