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Fabian Heilemann
Earlybird Venture Capital
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Fabian Heilemann

Company: Earlybird Venture Capital
Title: Partner
Location: Berlin, Germany
Fields of operation: Investor, Start-up

Dr. Fabian Heilemann is a digital serial-entrepreneur and early stage VC investor based in Berlin.

Fabian’s investment track record includes 30 early stage investments since 2011 with a focus on SaaS and Platforms. He joined Earlybird as a Managing Partner in 2016 and leads the logistics-technology practice of the firm. He holds board-seats at Everoad and FreightHub. Fabian started his first business as a teenager in 2001 and was a co- founder of seven companies since, including the couponing platform DailyDeal which he and his brother sold to Google Inc. in 2011.

He holds a Bachelor of Laws from Bucerius Law School and a Ph.D. in Corporate Law from Heidelberg Law School. He was a visiting student in Santa Clara and Stanford University.