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Felix Haas
IDnow / Bits & Pretzels / 10x Group
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Felix Haas

Company: IDnow / Bits & Pretzels / 10x Group
Title: Founder
Location: Munich, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology, Investor
Twitter: felixhaas

Felix was CEO & Founder of TiberiumSun Entertainment, an entertainment website network with over 12 million monthly unique visitors. Exit in 2000. He was CEO & Co-Founder of SaaS company amiando, a leading online event ticketing service, from 2006 to 2012. Exit to XING in 2010. He now is Chairman & Co-Founder of IDnow, a European leader for secure B2B customer onboarding and e-signing for the financial industry. He also is Chairman & Co-Host of Bits & Pretzels, Germany's largest founders festival with over 5.000 founders, who meet for networking and learning at Munich Oktoberfest. He is a Seed-Round-Investor / Business Angel in 60+ German startups, including founding engagements at Kaeuferportal, Sponsorpay, Hitfox and Kreditech. Felix worked in Silicon Valley at BMW Technology Office Palo Alto, Stanford, Google. He is co-author of the patent on "Send To Car", now used in Google Maps. He is awarded as "Technology Pioneer 2010" by the World Economic Forum and is frequent speaker on internet entrepreneurship at internet conferences and universities.