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Felix Reinshagen
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Felix Reinshagen

Company: NavVis
Title: Co-Founder and CEO
Location: Munich, Germany
Fields of operation: Digital, Technology

Felix is a co-founder and the CEO of [NavVis](http://www.navvis.com/), a Munich based high-tech start up in the field of indoor digitalization, indoor navigation and location based services. After gaining degrees in computer science and economics from KIT he added a PhD in economics from HSG (St. Gallen).
Always a nerd at heart Felix has developed software since high school and worked as a coder and software architect during school and college. Before co-founding NavVis he spend 6 years at McKinsey advising large corporates on their tech strategy while living in Hamburg, New York, Palo Alto and Munich.
McKinsey awarded Felix with a Marvin for his outstanding contributions to the Firms knowledge initiative, he is a Young Leader of Atlantik-Brücke and gained numerous awards as a co-Founder and CEO of NavVis. He is a regular speaker on tech conferences and author of publications on IT strategy and digitalization.